Transition Timeline

Week 1 

  • Visit your dashboard
  • Build your Giving Portal with branding, logo, and customizable URL
  • Set up Text Giving in your platform
  • Determine who needs access to the system! Add Managers, give them permissions, and get your team ready to grow your giving portal!
  • Test your giving methods (Give Now form, text giving, etc.) with leadership or staff to see how it flows 
  • If you have CHMS, integrate it and complete fund mapping

Note: Are you coming from another giving platform? Consider doing a Donor Import and click here for more information


Week 2

  • Set up your communication plan and gather your tools to have ready for the announcement 
    • Social media graphics
    • Announcement slides
    • Print any materials that have information about the new giving platform
    • If you have a website, embed your Give Now form
    • Draft an email to donors prior to the announcement. Don’t want to type one up? We got you! Click here for the email script.
  • If you are wanting to set up Advanced features such as the MinistryOne app, Auto Reports, etc. click here for more information


Week 3 

  • Talking points – Gather your speaking points before announcing the new platform. Need inspiration? Click here for talking points.
  • Make an announcement to donors of the upcoming changes to your giving platform utilizing the gathered communication tools from Week 2
  • Send follow-up emails about the new giving platform with the new giving link attached


Week 4

  • Log in to your dashboard to look over your transactions and deposits
  • Check your Giving portal for sync errors in the integration tile
  • Make a plan for next month’s donor communication (Plan for next month on how you communicate the new way of giving)


Month 2

  • Monitor ChMS reports 
  • Follow up with recurring givers 
  • Look over your billing report 
  • Monitor Transaction Fees 
  • Check out your invoice section
  • Refresh Social Media posts 

Month 3

  • Evaluate if there are active donors on the previous platform, provide final notice to active donors directly, and close the old giving platform
  • Review your Funds List to determine whether adding new funds or making old funds inactive 
  • Do you have an upcoming event that requires registration? Consider creating an event form 
  • Celebrate your first successful online giving quarter with your donors! 
  • Plan for the future: Make a plan to keep the momentum for one-time and recurring givers by informing them quarterly


Advanced Features 

MinistryOne App Set Up

Forms Overview

Auto Reports

Email Templates


Donor Import

Note: If you are planning to do a donor import from a previous giving platform, be mindful of the additional 2-4 weeks the donor import could take

  • Schedule a discovery call with a Donor Import Specialist 
    • Collect Data and send it back to your Donor Import Specialist
    • Schedule Donor Import Call with Specialist 
    • Send Pre-email templates two weeks before Donor Import Day and again one week before donor import.
    • Complete Donor Import with your Specialist and send donor import email with the account set-up link
    • Resend payment account set-up link until all donors have entered their account info 



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