Auto Reports

Stay up-to-date with giving activity by setting up email notifications.


Get reports of giving activity delivered right to your email inbox! Set up daily, weekly, or monthly emails to automatically notify you, and any number of teammates, of activity in your giving account.


Access Auto Reports

Navigate to your manager portal and click Reports in the left navigation pane. Select Auto Reports in the submenu.


Create Auto Report

After accessing Auto Reports (see above)... 


  1. Click + Add Auto Report on the top right hand corner. The New Auto Report window will appear.

  2. Name your auto report. This will appear in the email subject line! 

  3. Click the ☑️ Enabled checkbox. This ensures your new auto report will be active once you hit save! You can disable auto reports any time (more below). 

  4. Select a Format. Decide between including giving data in the email body or attaching a Excel/.csv report to the email.

  5. Enter the recipient email addresses under Email To. If you’re entering multiple recipients, put a comma after each email address!

  6. Choose a *Frequency: daily, weekly, or monthly.

  7. Save your auto report! 


The auto report will begin sending at the next available date based on your frequency selection.**


*Details about Auto Report Frequency:


  • Daily reports are sent every 24 hours. 

  • Weekly reports, sent every Monday, show the previous Monday through Sunday.

  • Monthly reports, sent the first day of a new month, include all giving from the previous month. 

  • There is NOT an option to send an auto report immediately after single transactions are submitted. 

**Daily reports are sent the next morning. Weekly reports are sent the following Monday. Monthly reports are sent at the first of the next month.


Manage Existing Auto Reports

Edit, disable, or delete existing auto reports.


Within the row of the auto report you’d like to edit/disable/delete, click Action and select your preference from the dropdown menu.



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