Forms Overview

Why Forms?

You have a powerful Form Manager tool included in your Giving Platform. You're already using a Form to collect your giving, but did you know you can also create an unlimited number of other types of forms? You have access to seven customizable templates for the most commonly created forms, but the ability to create almost any form you can dream up.




Forms How-To Guides

Access Forms

To access the Form Manager, navigate to your manager dashboard and click on the Forms tab in the menu on the left! 


Create a New Form

Learn how to build a new form using a template, by copying an existing form, or starting from scratch!


Form Fields

Fields where people will input information into the form. Learn how to add, remove, and edit form fields.


Form Properties

Form properties provide robust aesthetic, communication, and payment customization tools! 


Form Email Notifications

Create custom email confirmations! Or, set up email notifications to alert your staff of new submissions.


This video provides a brief visual overview of where to find the Forms Manager tool, and the very basics to get you started.

If you need additional help with forms, schedule a Coaching Call with our amazing Success Team!