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5 Steps to Successfully Promote Your Giving!


Now that you’ve set up your platform and know how to use Online Giving, let’s discuss how to talk about it.

Clear vision creates greater opportunity!


If you still need to set up your giving platform, click here 


Step one, Pre-Heat the Oven

Make sure to have all your methods of giving ready to accept donations.  

Have you considered: 



Step Two, make it feel like home

Dress up any donor-facing material to sound like it came from YOU. Your vision and voice should be recognizable. 

 Have you considered: 

  • Adjusting the form colors/theme to match your branding? Adding your logo at the top of the form?
  • Drafting any personalized emails that need to be sent to your donors automatically?  
    - Form Properties > Email: this area is for your receipts when the form is filled out 
    - General Settings/Gear Icon > Email Templates: this area addresses all other automated emails. The dropdown will tell you which is sent and when. - How to customize your emails


Step Three, Test Flight

  • Recruit a few core members to test the giving experience. This gives the primary admin a few test donations to view in reporting and helps you prepare for the multitudes! 



Step Four, Save the Date!

Mark your calendar and create a rollout plan for when you are announcing this publicly to your donors and plan to make your forms live

Have you: 

  • ​​Prepared any slides to talk about your new giving platform from the stage? Cast your vision for the why beyond the what. (Find some free, customizable slides at the bottom of this page)
  • ​​​ Printed out any material for your seatbacks/worship guides? QR Codes and Text Giving numbers are great additions! (More ways to give means more opportunities to give



Step Five, You're Ready to Roll!

Get folks EXCITED about the future! So much more can be done when you have a team rowing in the same direction.


Some ideas: 

  • Set up a table in the back/lobby area with a team member that is familiar with your new giving solution with a laptop/tablet ready to help any new users that may need some assistance setting up their new account.
  • Balloons are fun! (Snacks are always a win)




Psst... we included some FREE customizable promotional slides and graphics!

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