4 Steps to Build your Giving Portal

We want to help you begin receiving donations as quickly as possible. Follow these simple instructions and you'll be "good to give" in no time!


(1) Add Your Funds!

First, add the funds that you'd like your donors to be able to contribute towards! 

Add & Edit Fund Designations


(2) Add/Order Your Funds on your Giving Form

All online donations flow through a primary Giving Form we've pre-created for you. We call this your Giving Portal. Ensure the funds are displayed and listed in the order you'd like!

Add Funds to Your Giving Form


(3) Customize your Giving Form

You can customize just about anything on your Giving Form. That said, we suggest you start with just 3 simple changes: add your logo, personalize your donation receipt, and add a brief 1-2 sentence statement about generosity - or an image! 

Simple Customization Options


(4) Share Your Giving Form!

Follow our Pro-Tips to share your form on your website, social media, email, and just about any medium!

5 Great Ways to Share Your Giving Form


Learn More!
Now that your Giving Form is set up, don't miss our favorite additional features, pro-tips, and launch resources, all designed to help your ministry be more effective!

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