Giving Portal: Configure Your Home Tab

Giving, Prayer Requests, Event Registration & more all in one place.


What is your Giving Portal?

Your Giving Portal is the link to your Primary Giving Form. It is the link that should be shared or embedded on your website for giving.. its is where your givers will land if they text to give. If givers go to give through your MinistryOne mobile app, they are directed to the giving portal as well. If you haven't configured your Giving Portal yet, check out these best practices.



What is your Home Tab?

Within your Giving Portal settings, you can now enable your Home Tab. Think of your Home Tab as a "hub" for all they wonderful ways givers or members can get involved with your ministry. You'll have the option to showcase up to 5 main Featured Forms, with an additional option to showcase your Event Registration forms.


Note: If your church or ministry has enabled Locations, your main giving portal link will still direct givers to the Locations Landing page first. This allows you to provide unique Home Tabs, with campus-specific forms per location.


How to Enable & Configure Your Home Tab

1. Go to the Giving Portal card in your Primary Settings Menu (⚙️).


2. Once in your Giving Portal settings, select the Home Tab tab.


3. Click the toggle to Enable the Home Tab Feature.


4. Select which Location you'd like to customize first (will only appear if you have Locations added to your account). From the dropdown menu, select which Featured Forms you'd like visible with a correlating header image. You can showcase up to five forms.

💡 Pro tip: have the first Featured Form be your Primary Giving form. If this is the only form you have to showcase, perhaps enabling the Home Tab will not benefit you until you have more forms. Learn how to create more forms here.


5. You have the option to also Display Event Registration Forms. This option will showcase ALL active forms that have been categorized as Event Registration.


💡 Pro tip: if there is an Event Registration form that is specific to one particular location, you might consider including it in the Featured Form section above.


5. Click Save & engage your community!


As you have probably noticed, Home Tab is truly most powerful if you have taken advantage of your built-in Forms Builder.


📚 Want to understand and utilize Forms better? Click HERE.


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