Fund Management Overview

Become an expert in fund designation terminology and management tools.


Easily customize your giving platform account so givers can designate their gifts to any of your funds or campaigns! Create and manage unlimited fund designations.


Learn how to master fund designations!

Access your Fund Management Page

Select the Fund Management tab in the left navigation menu of your manager portal.


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Fund Management Terminology

  • Fund Status: Whether the fund designation is active or inactive.

  • Parent Fund: The primary fund under which other funds (sub-funds) can be grouped. For example: Your church sends missionaries across the globe. Create a parent-fund called Missionaries and sub-funds for each individual missionary. 

  • Sub-Fund: A fund organized beneath a parent fund.

  • Fund Name: How the fund designation will display to givers. Choose something recognizable! 

  • Fund Description:  Add a description of what your fund's purpose is about 

  • Select a Photo for Your Fund: Add a fund photo to help users recognize the fund easily

  • Start / End Date: Control when the fund designation is available for giver use.
  • Show Note/Memo Field for this Fund: Add an option for the giver to leave a note/memo for there donation
  • Fund Keyword: A one-word keyword used to designate text gifts.

  • Fund Code: Used for manual export ChMS integrations. Note: Your organization may not use Fund Codes, they are not required for Fund creation.

  • Add Fund to the following giving form(s): Select one or multiple giving forms and add fund to the dropdown fund menu instantly.

  • Hide from Kiosk: Checking the Hide from Kiosk box will make the fund you’re adding visible only when choosing the fund within your form settings. This allows you to create a fund specifically for your event registration, donation, or fundraising form, without the fund appearing on your giving portal.

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