Deposits Overview

 How do I keep track of what is sent to our bank account?

We've made it simple to track and manage deposits in your manager portal. 

Deposit Reporting

  • Deposit Report: You’ll have a detailed report for every batch of gifts deposited into your bank account. 

  • Kiosk Deposit Report: Kiosk transactions are batched and deposited separately from the rest of your giving, thus, have independent deposit reports. 

*Deposit reports includes all transactions within that batch regardless of payment source (including credit card, debit card, and ACH).


You can also use a ChMS integration or to export the gifts as a CSV file.  


Your Organization's Depository Account

  • Funds are deposited to your organization's bank account. 

  • If you need to update bank account information or add an additional depository account, our team is happy to help!

Deposit Methods

Gross Deposit: Your account was most likely set up for Gross Deposit. This means that payments are deposited to your bank account in full, and your associated fees will be deducted in one lump sum at the end of each month. This is usually the easiest deposit method in terms of bookkeeping. Reports for Gross Deposit Billing will appear once a month when withdrawn.

Net Deposit: Another deposit option is Net Deposit. This means that fees are with held at the time of your daily deposit. For example, if your transactions for the day amounted to $100, your fee percentage of 3% will be with held upon deposit, and your deposit will result in the remaining $97. Reports for Net Deposit Billing will appear daily, after your daily transactions are batched. 

Manual Deposit: Manual Deposit allows administrators full control of when their gifts will be batched and deposited. Transactions will "pool" on the Deposits Report page, with a Disburse button next to your total amount of Available Funds. When you're ready to deposit your accumulated gifts, click Disburse. Reports for Manual Deposit Billing will appear after the deposit is complete. 

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 10.05.58 AM.png

Note: Please keep in mind that it can take up to 3 business days to see your deposit in your bank account.

If you'd like to change your Deposit method, please contact our Support team for assistance.


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