Form Categories

When a form is created using the provided templates, a Category will often be pre-selected. Categories will impact three important factors:

  1. Manager Permissions: keep in mind that each Manager will only be able to access the form Categories selected for their portal. 


  1. Verbiage on the form: a few "help text" lines on the form are static and cannot be customized; however, categorizing a form as Event Registration, for example, will read "Make this payment recurring" verses a form categorized as "General Donation" will read "Make this gift recurring."
  2. MinistryOne integration: the category you set for a form dictates which Module it can appear in. For example, only a "Contact Form" will appear as an option for the "Contact" Module.


Contact Form

Contact Forms are great for encouraging engagement within your organization. You can create a form that allows users to request contact from a member of your team, more information on volunteer opportunities, and more! 

Forms categorized as Contact Forms will also be available within the Contact module in your MinistryOne Mobile App!


Pro-Tip: Set up the email notifications on this form to notify your team when someone submits this form.


Event Registration

Have an event coming up that you need a registration form for? We’ve got you covered! Event Registration Forms allow you to easily collect information and payment from registrants, so you can host a stellar event. 

Categorizing a form as Event Registration enables the option for Ticketing, Event Start and End Dates and Times, and displays any open Event Registration Forms within the Events module on your MinistryOne Mobile App.


Feedback Form

Feedback Forms are great for perfect for gaining helpful insight into how you can make your ministry better. For example, you could create a Feedback Form that acts as a survey that you can send to your volunteers after a big event. This could help you collect feedback on their experience and ways you can improve for the next event.


General Donation

Allowing donors the opportunity to give to your organization has never been easier with the use of our General Donation form category. General Donation forms enable features like a templated email receipt each donor will receive upon submission. Setting the form category to General Donation also allows you to display this form within the Give module on your MinistryOne Mobile App. 


Internal Form

Internal Forms are useful for any requests your team needs to make within your organization. For example, you could create an equipment reservation request form for your team to submit. This could help you keep track of who needs certain resources for their particular ministry efforts.


Special Donation

Special Donation Forms allow you the ability to highlight a particular ministry effort you are accepting donations for outside of your General Donation form. By using this category of form, you will be able to view forms in the Special Donations tab within the Give Module of your MinistryOne Mobile App.


Other Form

Do the form categories mentioned above not quite suit the form you wish to create? No problem! You can use the Other Form category as a catchall for all other forms.


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