Transitioning to Your Giving Platform

We built your giving platform with new givers in mind. That means that after the initial, one-time 30 second registration, your givers can give again with a single text, tap or click. Since it's so easy for new givers to give, transitioning givers is simple!


Transitioning your givers to a new digital giving solution is an awesome opportunity to reach people who've never given before, reengage your current givers, and maybe even challenge some givers to increase generosity.

Through intentional, consistent communication, we're confident you'll retain each of your existing givers and you'll also see an increase new givers and total giving.


πŸ•  Phase One: Preparation

Determine your β€œswitch-by” date 

  • Most organizations allow their givers 1-3 months to switch to the new system. 

Update website

  • Add your new Giving Link to your website with simple instructions for text and online giving!*

  • Consider explaining the transition on your website. Here are a few organization website examples that explain the transition to their givers. 

Update Communications

πŸ”ƒ Tip for Recurring Giver Transition: Some organizations add their new Giving Link and keep their old giving portal for a couple months. This provides buffer time for recurring givers to switch automated gifts to your giving platform. 


  • Make sure new recurring gifts cannot be created in the old system

  • Inform all recurring givers that they need to switch by the determined date.

  • 🎁  You can send this email template to help your recurring givers switch!


πŸ•‘  Phase Two: Launch

Live Launch! 

Launch Follow Up Email

  • After your launch, follow up with an email explaining the switch to recurring givers. This can be as simple as sending them your new Giving Link, or explaining the process in detail. Either way, we're here to help you if you have any questions!


πŸ•’ Phase Three: Consistent Follow Up

In-service Reminders

  • For the first few months, it may be wise to set aside 30 seconds each service to reiterate your giving platform and the giving process

Recurring Giver Communication

  • Continue following up with any recurring givers on your legacy system.
    SeeπŸ”ƒ  symbol above for recurring giver transition resources.

After your givers are accustomed to the new system, consistently provide giving opportunities and reminders!



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