Multi-Fund Giving Management

How to set up and manage multi-fund giving.

What is multi-fund giving?

Your givers can give to multiple different campaigns in one simple, smooth giving experience.



Set Up Multi-Fund Giving

NOTE: This feature is managed through Forms. It won’t be applied universally across all giving/payment forms. Instead, you have total control over which forms offer this feature!


1. Navigate to your manager dashboard. Click on Forms tab in the menu on the left side of your screen.

2. Select a form to edit. (Or, create a new form!)

3. Drag and drop a Fund Dropdown field from the right-hand menu into the form. 

4. Click the gear in the upper right corner of the fund dropdown field. This pulls up the field properties window.


5. Within the field properties window, click on the Fund Items tab.

6. Check the box by ☑️ Allow Users To Select Multiple Funds To Give To.

7. Select which funds should be displayed and available for designation.

8. Exit out of the Form Properties window and click Save.