Net vs. Gross Deposits

Which deposit method is best for our organization?


There are two different kinds of deposits:


  • Net Deposit

  • Gross Deposit

Net Deposits

With Net Deposits, processing fees are automatically deducted before funds are deposited into your account. This reduces the workload for your team; you don’t need to worry about paying an additional monthly bill for processing fees! 


Net Deposit Reporting 

Your bank statements show the amount your ministry received after the processing fees are removed, providing a more accurate reflection of your true income.


Your deposit reports (batch reports and batch details) show:

  • Gross amount received

  • Fee Withheld

  • Net amount deposited into your bank account



Gross Deposits

If you opt for gross deposits, Payment Brands will deposit the total funds paid to your account, then you’ll be billed separately for processing fees. Some organizations choose this option because it better matches their accounting processes. 


To change to gross deposits, please contact the Giving Support team.


Gross Deposit Reporting

Your bank statements show the total funds received. Please keep in mind that processing fees have not yet been paid.


Gross deposit reports accurately reflect the total deposited into your bank account.



Processing Fee Billing Reports

Since the processing fees are not deducted from the deposit, they must be paid separately.


The processing fees will be automatically debited from your organization’s payment source on file. Billing runs between the first and fifth of the month.


Review debit amounts through your Billing Report. To access your Billing Report, click Reports, then Deposits on the left hand navigation menu. At the top of the Deposits page, you'll notice a Billing tab. There you can filter a specific time frame, and depository bank account if you have more than one. (For more information on additional depository bank accounts, see Account Services.)





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