How to Switch Digital Giving Platforms Lesson 3: How to Seamlessly Transition Recurring Givers

Recurring givers are critical because their consistency helps you better plan and forecast for ministry.


It’s important that switching is simple and convenient when asking givers to update their recurring gifts. While following all of the steps listed in the first 2 lessons helps you achieve this, there are 2 steps that make it even easier.


1. Forms

Form manager features let you create a customized form that leads people directly to a dedicated registration page for recurring givers. This simplifies the process and makes it more convenient. Straight from your website, the donor can enter contact and payment information, and choose the frequency and gift amount. Plus, forms are responsive on all sized screens, so givers can do this on their mobile device, tablet, or computer.

As you’re transitioning giving platforms, you can also create an unlimited number of forms for event registrations, sign-ups, and even contact and prayer request submissions.


2. Emails

Send emails with clear and specific instructions on how to transition from the old platform to the new giving platform. This allows givers to switch at their convenience and without confusion. Check out this Sample Email if you need a little inspiration!


🎉 Making the move is easier than ever with Donor Import. 🎉





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