How to Switch Digital Giving Platforms Lesson 1: Prepare to Make the Move

If you don’t think a seamless transition to a new digital giving platform is possible – think again!

With the right support and launch materials by your side, you save time and reduce stress.

Let’s look at the steps to prepare for the live launch.

Choose a "switch-by" date.

It takes time to change things in your church, so plan for a 3 month transition. This ensures more flexibility in choosing your “switch-by” date. Most people take 1-2 months to phase out their old platform, so they have plenty of time to inform everyone and those people, in turn, have time to make the change themselves.


Once you’ve determined the “switch-by” date, make sure you:

1. Recruit your launch team

  • Decide who’s in charge of the website and communications

  • Involve your leadership team and choose who will conduct the live launch

  • Enlist volunteers to test the giving experience and help inform others about the new platform

2. Update your website and communications

  • Add your new giving link to your church’s website

  • Explain the transition on your website

  • Make sure new recurring gifts cannot be created on the old platform

  • Communicate the change to your church using emails, social media, slides before and during service, bulletin inserts, and more. You can customize this email template to help announce the transition

  • Take special care with your recurring givers. Send special communication to recurring givers, so they can switch in just a few clicks (we can help with that!)

We have a lot of launch material designed to build excitement and help you prepare! We want to ensure that you have everything you need to inform 100% of your people about the transition, whether they come to church every Sunday, once a month, or are visiting for the first time.


🎉 Making the move is easier than ever with Donor Import. 🎉




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