"Benefits of Creating a Giving Account" Sample Script

Help Givers understand that, although an account isn't required to give, it is very beneficial.


In attempts to remove any barriers to generosity, Givers will never be required to create an account to give to your ministry by design. With that said, there are some benefits to taking a couple minutes to create an account.


Below is a sample script that communicates the benefits to creating that donor account:


So much of what we do at this ministry is a direct result of your faithful giving!


If you're giving digitally today, you'll have the opportunity to Register for a Giving Account under the Sign In tab of our Giving Form. Although creating a giving account is never required to give to our ministry, we'd like to outline a couple benefits of taking a couple extra minutes to do so:


  1. Securely saved payment information: You'll be able to access your account through text or online giving with unique credentials. Once you save a payment method, you'll simply log in to your account, and give in seconds!

  2. Ability to set up Recurring Giving: setting up Recurring Giving is a great way to remain faithful in your giving, but for your protection, we simply cannot draft a scheduled gift unless your payment information is saved to an account.

  3. Access to Giving History: you'll be able to view and even print your giving history right from your giving account.

As always, we appreciate your generosity! If you need assistance in Registering for a Donor account, please visit our Help Desk in the Lobby.


Consider providing some visual guidance with some screenshots or check out these Engagement Materials.


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