"Introducing a New Giving Platform" Sample Email

Announce your exciting new giving platform with this email sample!


In preparation for to switching your new giving platform, be sure to take advantage of all your communication channels to help spread the news and pave the way. Emails are wonderful because you can link help articles, embed videos & more to help ensure a smooth transition. 💌


Below is a sample email to help inform your Givers' about the upcoming switch:


Subject Line: Our New Digital Giving Platform is Here!



We’re grateful for your generosity and humbled by your gifts to our ministry. They impact our community in so many positive ways. Today, we’re happy to announce that making an impact is even easier and more secure. We’re transitioning to a new online giving platform and asking everyone to switch by .

We didn’t make this decision lightly, and we have done extensive research to ensure this choice is right for our ministry and administrators. The platform is convenient, user-friendly, cost effective, and allows you to give online, by text, or mobile app in a few simple steps. It saves everyone time and energy, so we can better focus on ministry.

If you’ve never given online before, this is a great opportunity to start! You can test it out with a gift as small as $1 to see how easy it is to give directly from your phone or computer.

Below are the simple steps to transition to this exciting new way to give!


Text Giving


Step 1: Text a dollar amount to our Giving Number:

Step 2: Tap the link sent back to you and fill out the quick one-time registration form under the SIGN IN tab.

Step 3: Enter your gift information and tap “Submit”


The next time you give through text, simply send the amount you want to give to our Giving Number (so be sure you save the number in your phone!). Edit your gift or update information by texting EDIT.


Online Giving


Step 1: Click here to set up your account

Step 2: If you’ve already set up text to give, use your email address to log in

Step 3: Fill out the gift information and select your preferred giving options

Step 4: Submit your gift


Recurring Giving


Step 1: Cancel recurring gifts accordingly with by logging in to the

Step 2: Click here to set up your new recurring giving account with just a few clicks


If you don’t have a recurring gift account, but would like to set one up with our new giving platform, simply follow Step 2!

We appreciate you taking the time to transition to our new giving platform by . Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by .

As always, thank you so much for your generosity. We can’t wait to see you Sunday!




Also consider downloading and including one of these Giver Guide videos in your email! 🎥


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