Event Registration Form Examples

Whether you're collecting registrations for an upcoming Seminar, or Summer Camp... don't miss the opportunity to make your form just as engaging as it is easy to use.


Here are the three basic steps to a successful Event Registration form:

  1. Create a new Fund for your event payments.

  2. Build the Form to collect registrations and payments.

  3. Share that form via all communication channels, your website, social media and more.

For your convenience, we've provided an Event Registration template that can be found in your Form Manager, located on the far right side of your Giving Portal.

This template was built using the most commonly used Form Fields for event registration forms, but you have the power to add and remove fields, set a maximum number of registrations, limited your accepted payment options, and so much more. You even have the option to enable ticketing for an Event within your form!


Form Fields are powerful, and deciding which ones to use is important. If you haven't already, please take a look at this article about Form Fields that helps breakdown what each field does, and how it should be used.


Additionally, take time to dive into the Form Properties. Form Properties allow you customize important back-end functionality for your form as well as add those visually engaging details that take your form from functional to fantastic!


Here are a few examples of Fantastic Event Registration Forms:


Youth Retreat Registration

Chosen Women's Conference

Brotherhood Community Group Sign-Up


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