Signup Slots in Forms

Need to schedule volunteers for service times? Plan a potluck? Signup Slots are your best bet! 


View the video below and/or follow the steps to learn how you can use the Signup Slots for your ministry or organization! 




Building a Signup Form

1. Start by selecting Start from Scratch in the Form Templates. Name your form, then click Start Building Form.


2. Locate and click Signup Slots from Field Sets. Please note: One type of Field Set can be added per Form.



3. A dialogue box will immediately appear where you will want to enter a Slot Title (what you want people to signup for) and the number of Available Spots. As people signup for that particular slot, the number will decrease on the form. By turning on the option Users can select multiple slots, registrants will have the option to sign up for multiple types of slots. In the example below, "Appetizers" is the Slot Title. We have entered "10" for Available Spots because we will need 10 appetizers for our event. Registrants will have the option to sign up for an appetizer, and dessert if they'd like.

4. You'll also notice three check boxes below the Slot Title and Available Spots to further customize that slot:

  • No spot limit: unlimited number of spots to fill (this will remove a set number from the Available Spots field)

  • Users can see signups: names of other spots filled will appear on the form as they are claimed

  • Allow multiple signups: one individual can claim that specific slot more than one time

Once you have set your preferences for that slot, click Add.


5. You'll proceed with adding additional slots by clicking + Add Slot. We recommend you add all of your slots initially. Note: It may be helpful to make a list of your signup option and categorize them before getting started, as they will each be listed within your one Signup Slot Field Set.


6. Once all slots have been added, you'll have the option to Group Slots into Categories.

This option will allow you to clearly segment signup opportunities. In the example below, we have categorized Food, Supplies, and Volunteer Opportunities.



You can move Slots from one category to another by using the double dotted lines to the left of each slot box. You can also edit or delete each slot using the pencil and trash can icons to the right of each slot box.


Once the form is published, the categories will appear as tabs at the top of the form for easy navigation for your registrants.



7. Before publishing your form, be sure to take time to dive into the Form Properties. Form Properties allow you to customize important back-end functionality for your form as well as add those visually engaging details that take your form from functional to fantastic!



Signup Form with Ticketing

If you need to produce unique tickets for your signups, you'll want to begin by enabling ticketing within your Form Properties.


Once Ticketing has been enabled, tickets will automatically be sent to the email address provided by the registrant below their signup selection. Tickets can be previewed in Form Properties under the Email tab by clicking the eye icon.



Read more about Ticket Redemption and Check-in.




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