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What is a Kiosk?

They are usually stand-alone stations or devices that deliver or receive information with the touch of a finger.

Utilizing a kiosk in your church or organization can be extremely helpful. The easiest way to think about it is this…. If you’ve created a form, you can display it on a kiosk… which is essentially an iPad.


Members can give, register for events, submit prayer requests, and more! Setup and maintenance are easy, and as always, the process is secure. Kiosks are a great way to increase community engagement and generosity!


Our Kiosk solution is an iPad OS-based application that is available for $19.00 per month for software access fees.


The application's initial purchase also includes a one-time $80 fee + Shipping for the card reader that is compatible with the Kiosk application.


Important note: Churches will need to purchase their own iPad(s), stands, etc. to support the application. Please see the hardware guide here for more information and to ensure your iPad version is compatible and up to date.


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