Getting Started with Mobile

We want to help set you up for Mobile success. To get started with setting up your Mobile App, follow along with our Getting Started videos below. We have created three videos to cover the different ways you may want to set up your Mobile App. 

Whether you want to start and end with the basics, craft a more personalized user experience, or leverage features that integrate with other Modules, we've got you covered!


Simple Setup

Start with our ready-to-use Basic App Modules designed for ministry. These contain the essential features to quickly engage your ministry on mobile!



Advanced Setup with Flex Content

Build custom pages to personalize your Mobile App and make it feel native to your ministry. Flex Content gives you more creative control over the look, feel, and functionality of your Mobile App. Create Pages with Images, Text, Video, Buttons, and more to take your app experience to the next level.



Integrated Setup with People and Streaming

Do you have Amplify Streaming or People (our Church Management System)? If so, add the ability to stream within your App and enable automated push notifications when you're live! With People, unlock member-facing modules such as a Directory, Mobile Check-in, and Groups. Enable your staff and volunteers to do ministry on the go by managing people, creating notes and follow-up tasks, and so much more!



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