Security Best Practices

We work tirelessly to maintain the highest level of data security. In addition to the security we maintain, there are routine maintenance steps you should be taking to ensure the protection of your data.

These best practices apply to your ministry's Giving Manager Portal, as well as any software your ministry uses to manage information about your congregation, members, donors, etc.


Require Unique Credentials Per Manager

When adding additional Managers to your account, each Manager must have their own unique login credentials, using an email address where they can easily access the associated inbox. This is especially important if your account uses Two-Factor Authentication where a Security Code is sent to the Manager's email to complete login.

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After creating a new manager, you'll send them login instructions, be sure to instruct the Manager to login using their email, then click Forgot Password to ensure their password is truly unique to them.  

Important: Although it may be tempting to allow multiple managers to access the Giving Manager Portal using a shared email and password, this makes your account much more vulnerable.

Click here if you need to add Managers but aren't sure how. 


Schedule Regular Password Resets

Cyber Security experts suggest changing your password every three months, and we couldn't agree more. Passwords should vary in length and characters each time they are changed. The best practice is to notify every Manager on your account to change their passwords every three months or less, even if they do not log in regularly. Be sure to include instructions on updating their password in your communications.

Not sure how to update your password? Simply go to your Account page (click your initials at the top right of the screen), and check the box to Change Password? A list of character requirements will guide you in creating a new, secure password.

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Delete Inactive Managers

As Managers come and go from your ministry, it is very important to promptly remove them from your Giving Manager Portal to remove unnecessary access points.

Deleting managers is simple. From the Manager tile, locate the Manager that needs to be deleted. Click the tri-dot icon to the far right of their name, and choose Delete from the menu. 

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Important: If a Manager has been inactive for six months or longer, our system will Archive that user account automatically as a security measure. (Again, managers should login every 3 or 4 months to update their password and maintain Account Access).

Accounts that have been Archived can be restored by our team if necessary. Contact our Support Team if an account was archived, but is still needed.


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