Passion Play Registration Form (Ticketing)

Our user-friendly platform allows you to seamlessly create and customize event forms tailored to your unique needs. From conferences and workshops to church events and community gatherings, our solution simplifies the registration process. Ticketing allows you to sell tickets online, track attendance, manage RSVPs and more!

First, go to your dashboard, click the Forms tab, then click Create Form. 


Select Event Registration, then create the title for your event at the bottom of the screen. 


Once you are in the Form Manager, you can add a Background Banner, Header Image, and customize the description of your form with information you want the registrant to know. 



You can drag and drop field sets on your form to be in the order of your choice. Click the Configure setting on each field set to create changes within that field set. 


For example: Click the configure setting within the Email field set to make it required for registrants to enter their email. This is necessary to utilize ticketing so the registrant can receive their QR code after registering. 




On the right side of your screen, you will see a Field Set panel. Scroll to the bottom of the list to Payment Fields. If you have several event nights for the registrant to sign up for, select the Item Checkbox(es) field set. This will allow you to customize the days with automatic payment attached. 



Once you select item checkbox(es), select the Configure button and Field Properties will allow you to customize your checkboxes. See example below:



Click Form Properties to view additional settings including customizing the colors and fonts of your form under Advanced Theme, General to find your form’s QR code, and Payment to allow donors to help cover the cost of processing fees. 




Lastly, be sure to click Save at the bottom right of the screen to save your form and select Publish to make your form visible to the public. To share your form, click the three dots under Actions in your Forms tab. Select Visit Direct Link and it will open your form in a new tab. You can copy the web address and paste it in email signatures, on social media and more!









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