Create a Digital Connection Card Using Forms

Create a visitor form to make it easier for you and your congregation to connect! This simple form will allow new members, visitors and existing members connect with you. 



First place to go is your dashboard, then on the left-hand side click Forms tab and then the Create Form button. 

From here you will select the Contact Form, then title your form. 


Once you are in the Forms Manager you can add your Background Banner and Header Image


You can drag and drop field sets on your form to be in the order of your choice. Click the Configure setting on each field set to create changes within that field set. 


Click Form Properties to view additional settings including customizing the colors and fonts of your form under Advanced Theme, General to find your form’s QR code, and Email to set up an automatic email in response to the form submission.

visitor forms- screenshot.png

  1. Send Confirmation to Form Submitter will ensure the submitter receives a confirmation that you can customize to include all their form responses or a simple thank you.
  2. Send Notification to Staff or Volunteers allows you to make sure form submissions are forwarded to the email(s) of your choosing. This is helpful for ensuring staff or volunteers who are not administrators in Giving or People can receive notifications and respond to submitters accordingly.



You can easily customize these form response notifications by utilizing Placeholders to auto-populate with the appropriate form responses.

Need both a Confirmation to the Form Submitter and an Email Notification to Staff or Volunteers? Customize one, and then select Add Additional Email Notification to customize the other.


Before you are done, don’t forget to click Save and Publish to make your form visible to all.  When you publish you will be given options to share your form. QR codes, links and embedded codes. 



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