Change or Reset Manager Password

This is a brief guide for changing your manager password, before logging in or after you've already logged in. 


Reset Manager Password (Forgot Password?)

Locked out of your manager dashboard? Forgot your password? We’ve been there. 


Here's how to reset your manager password: 


  1. Go to your manager portal and click Log In.

  2. Click Forgot Password.

  3. Enter your email address and click Submit.

  4. Check your inbox for an email titled Password Reset Request. This is where you’ll find a temporary password.

  5. Return to login page. Sign in using your email address and the temporary password from the email.

  6. You’ll be prompted to create a new password. Confirm your new password.

  7. Click Change password. Done! Moving forward, you’ll log in with this new password!

Change Password

If you want to make your manager password more secure or memorable, easily update it within your manager account. 


Here's how to change your manager password from within your dashboard:


  1. After logging in to your manager dashboard, click on Your Initials (top right corner) and choose Account.

  2. ☑️ Check the box by Change Password? A new field will appear.

  3. Input a new password into the field.

  4. Click Save. You’re done! Moving forward, you’ll log in with this new password.




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