Merge Donor Profiles

There are times when a giver inadvertently creates an additional donor profile. Worried about cluttered records? Don’t be! You can merge the duplicate accounts into a single donor profile.

How to Merge Donor Profiles

  1. Navigate to your manager dashboard and click the Donors tab in the menu on the left.

  2. Click the Donor Merge tab in the top banner. 

  3. Next, you’ll select the two giver profiles that need to be merged. Click Select Profile and search within the pop-up window.

  4. First, select the duplicate donor profile that should be removed.

  5. Second, select the giver profile you that should be retained.

  6. Confirm your selections and complete the merge!

Things to know:

  • When you merge two giver profiles, it will merge their recurring transactions, giving history, text giving, and payment profiles.

  • Email address is the unique identifier for a giver's profile.

  • The donor profile that’s absorbed into the other will be permanently deleted

  • To completely delete a donor profile from your system (without merging it into another giver profile), contact our Support Team with the name and email of the giver profile to remove.


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