How to: Resetting a Donor's Password

Occasionally, donors or givers may forget their password, and may need assistance accessing their donor account. If a giver has trouble resetting their password, you can empower them with instructions, or you can reset their password.

How to Reset a Donor's Password

  1. Navigate to your Left Navigation menu.

  2. Click Donors (People, Individuals, Users, Members).

  3. Search the donor needing their password reset.

  4. Click the three-dot ellipses to the far right of that line to open the Donor Details.

  5. Once in the Donor's profile, you can click the three-dot ellipses in the top right hand corner, and click Reset Donor Password.

  6. You'll see a confirmation pop-up on the bottom right hand corner of the screen telling you that a Password reset email was sent to [first name, last name].

  7. Instruct the Donor to check their email for further instruction.


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