Parent Funds & Sub-Funds

What are parent/sub-funds and how do I manage them?


Use parent funds and sub-funds to organize your fund designations. You may have a fund designation that encompasses several other funds. This primary fund is a parent fund, and the funds grouped under it are called sub-funds.

Managing parent and sub-funds is fairly intuitive, but here are some quick pointers! Remember to read Fund Management Overview if you have questions about terminology.


Creating, Editing

Any fund designation can become a parent fund or a sub-fund.

  • Create Parent Fund: Clear the Parent Fund dropdown menu.

  • Create Sub-Fund: Choose a fund from the Parent Fund dropdown menu.

Refer to Add & Edit Fund Designations for more detailed instructions


Deactivating, Deleting, Reactivating

Click the three dot on the right side of the fund you want to edit to a parent fund will also be applied to its sub-fund.

Parent Funds & Sub-Funds_1.png


Actions to a sub-fund won't translate to its parent fund.

  • You must reactivate a parent fund before reactivating its sub-funds. You cannot reactivate the sub-fund of an inactive parent fund without first reactivating the parent fund.

  • A parent fund will not be affected by its sub-fund. Deleting/deactivating/reactivating a sub-fund will not affect its parent fund.


Refer to Deactivate, Reactivate, or Delete a Fund for more detailed instructions.





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