Kiosk Deposit Report

We've made it simple to track and manage kiosk deposits in your manager dashboard! You’ll have a detailed report for every batch of kiosk transactions deposited into your bank account.


NOTE: Kiosk transactions are batched and deposited separately, thus, have independent reporting. Refer to Deposits Overview for more information on deposits.


Access Kiosk Deposit Reports

Navigate to your manager dashboard. Hover your cursor over Reports and select Deposits - Kiosk.


Download Kiosk Deposit Reports

Pull detailed kiosk batch deposit reports, complete with details about each transaction.


  1. Within your Deposits - Kiosk tab, enter the desired date range for the report, then click Search

  2. To view the gifts that make up each kiosk batch deposit, click Action and select View Transactions from the dropdown menu.

  3. To Export or Print the contents of the report, use the Export and/or Print buttons in the top right corner of your screen.

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📚 Deposits Overview
📚 Reports Overview


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