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Welcome to our Giver Guide!


Here are some of the most common questions we receive from Givers, and perhaps, what you're needing assistance with today:


Q: How do I log into my Giver Account?

A: You can access your Giver Account by going to your ministry's giving page (probably listed on the ministry's website), and select the Sign In tab. Enter your email or phone number, and follow the prompts go access your account. Note: If you have given before, an account was created using your email address and a link to complete the account was sent to you. If you can no longer find that email, you can simply click "Forgot Password" and reset instructions will be sent to you.

Once logged in to your Giver account, click your initials (three-line menu on a mobile device) in the top corner of the screen to view/manage:

  • Recurring Gifts

  • Giving/Payment History

  • Personal Information

  • Locations/Churches

  • Payment Methods

  • Account Information



Q: How do I cancel my Recurring Gift?

A: To cancel a recurring gift, you can log into your Giver Account (see above for instructions), click the Recurring tab, the click the trashcan icon to Stop Payment. If you are having trouble logging into your account, or locating your Recurring gift, please contact your church or ministry organization directly for further assistance. Note: To maintain trust with the ministries we serve, our Support Team can assist you in accessing your Giver Account, however, please contact your church or ministry directly to cancel the gift.



Q: How can I get a refund for a recent gift or payment?

A: You'll need to contact your church or ministry directly to request a refund on a recent gift or payment. Note: To maintain trust with the ministries we serve, we defer all a changes in giving/payments to the administrators directly. Our Support Team will not process a refund for you.



How to Give

Giving Online

If your organization uses our giving platform for online giving, you can also give easily on their website.

To give online:

  1. enter the desired gift criteria (amount, designation, frequency),

  2. securely enter your payment information

  3. click Give Now


It really is that simple.


Giving with a Text Message


Giving by text is hands-down the easiest way to give.

To securely make a text gift:

  1. text GIVE to your organizations Text Giving Number

  2. follow the prompts

  3. save the number in your phone

You can always text EDIT to update your information, set up a recurring gift, and check the status of a gift.

Text KEYWORD to see available designations.




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