How To: Partial Payments

Need to provide givers or registrants flexible payment options? Account managers can enable partial payments on the Payment tab within form properties.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Select the form you’d like to edit. Select Form Properties and click the Payment tab.

  2. Select the Enable Partial Payments optionEnter preferred due date for full paymentEnter the minimum amount due at submission

  3. Click Save to close the Form Properties.

When enabled, donors or registrants will see the following option:


If registrants select the Pay for this in installments, options will populate for manual or automatic payments, as well as the amount, start date, and frequency selections.


Manual Payments:


Auto Payments:



Managing Payments: Donors

Donors and registrants may make additional payments or satisfy remaining balances from within their givers’ profile from the Installments tab.




By clicking Make a Payment, registrants may choose to make a manual payment, edit a payment source, and cancel the remaining installments.



Note: If a registrant fails to pay off the rest of their payments manually, the system does not automatically draft the remainder. The church is responsible for following up with those individuals to settle up with that registrant.


Managing Payments: Managers

Account managers may also make or record payments on behalf of donors, including cash or check payments.

From the Form Responses, hover over Paid Partially to see payment details and click to take action.


To add a payment on behalf of a donor or registrant, click Record a Payment.


Enter the payment amount, date, method, and add notes if necessary.



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