“Importance of Recurring Giving” Sample Script

Help your givers understand the convenience & benefit of Recurring Giving.


One of the best ways to increase your overall giving and provide forecasting for your organization's budget is to encourage recurring giving.


Below is a sample script you can use to help givers understand the benefits & ease of setting up scheduled, recurring giving:


As a reminder, we now offer 3 ways to give digitally!


One of the biggest benefits to online giving is the ability to set up scheduled recurring giving.


Setting up scheduled giving allows you to be faithful and consistent in your generosity, and allows us to plan and budget consistently as a church.


I’d like to challenge you to text GIVE to [your text number], and follow the prompts to set up a recurring gift. If this is your first time giving digitally, a secure account will be created on your behalf.


If you need assistance, we’ll have a team set up [somewhere in the lobby] right after service to help. As always, we appreciate your faithful generosity!


Consider also providing your givers with this resource that explains How to Create a Recurring Gift.


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