"Donor Covers Fees" Sample Script

 Foster financial transparency by informing your donors about your processing fees & how they can help.


Processing fees are charged on every credit transaction ever; whether you pay for goods at the grocery store, or opt to pay your electric bill online. We are so accustomed to paying them, we hardly notice that we are being charged.


Oftentimes, donors are not even aware that part of their donation is used to cover that expense, or that they could have the option to help cover that fee in addition to their gift amount. If your organization has opted to allow donors to help with processing fees, open communication with your donors builds financial trust & fosters good stewardship.


Below is a sample script you can use to inform your givers while also thanking them for their generosity:


As a reminder, we are now offering 3 new ways for you to give to our ministry. We are so excited to offer the convenience of online giving, text giving & app giving.


We believe that financial transparency builds trust and is a mark of stewardship so we want to take a moment to remind you that there is a small cost for this convenience. You’ll have the opportunity to help cover the cost of processing when you give. Please know that this is 100% optional, but we appreciate your partnership in making your gift go as far as possible to impact our mission.


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