“Importance of your Payment Method” Sample Script

Help Givers understand their different payment method options & why what they use matters.


As an administrator, you have control over what payment methods you accept. Processing fees are generally lower for ACH (Bank Account) gifts vs Credit Card gifts. Foster transparency by informing your givers of their options & how their choice impacts your ministry.


The sample script below is a great launching point if you're not quite sure how to share the importance of payment types:


We are excited to offer you 3 new ways to give to our ministry! In addition to cash and check, you can now give online, via text, or on our app using a credit or debit card or your bank account.


Please keep in mind that giving through your bank account (entering your account and routing number) allows your gift to go further, as the processing fees are lower.


No matter how you choose to give today, we are so grateful for your generosity & faithfulness!


See also Allow Givers to Help Cover Processing Fees & "Donor Covers Fees" Sample Script.


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