Lesson 2: How Recurring Giving Works

Beyond the advantages shown in the videos, take a closer look at what happens when a church implements recurring giving:
  • Gifts flow directly from your givers’ bank accounts (or credit cards) into your church’s bank account

  • No more manually entering gifts into a spreadsheet or database software

  • Giving is automated, reliable, and cash flow becomes steadier from one month to the next

  • Recurring giving reports provide clear data for planning

  • Ministry leaders can confidently budget for future events and outreach opportunities

Plus, recurring giving dramatically reduces time spent on reporting and year-end statements. This frees up your finance team to focus on other necessary and essential tasks.

Next steps

Familiarize yourself with your church’s recurring giving tools. Want to see an example? Check out Creating and Editing Recurring Gifts to get started.

Now that you’ve seen for yourself the convenience of recurring gifts for givers and admins, it’s time to move forward and learn How to Grow Recurring Giving During Year-End.


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