Account Approval FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for new account applications


Security isn't a feature; it's a standard of trust. Reliability and safety are paramount to expanding your reach, engaging your church, and transforming your community. We use bank-level encryption and industry-leading features to ensure the protection of everyone's financial data.

In addition to our security standards as a PCI Level 1 compliant provider, we go above and beyond in the account verification process. Our team works quickly to approve your account, and you might have a few questions.

How long will it take for my account to get approved?

If the account does not need any additional verification from the underwriter, the typical turnaround time is 24-48 hours (often sooner). Should the account need further in-depth review, it can take up to 3-5 business days (possibly longer, dependent on the situation) for the account to be approved.

What is required to set up the account?

Required Documentation:

  • Completed pre-application

  • Every data point is required, including full SSN, full 9-digit tax ID, bank account information, signer info, etc.

  • Live, public-facing, valid website or Facebook page that clearly shows the organization’s name and 1 point of contact information (ie: address, phone, email)

Highly Encouraged Documentation includes:

Note: Underwriting may require these documents and/or other information on a case-by-case basis, depending on risk evaluation. It is highly encouraged to provide these documents upfront to help eliminate potential questions.

  • Copy of a pre-printed voided check or bank letter (verifying org’s name, full account/routing numbers, signed by a bank representative)

  • Copy of the account signer’s driver’s license (this is the person listed on the application as the authorized business administrator)

  • Copy of documentation from the IRS that confirms the organization’s legal name and federal EIN #

If your organization previously processed payments online:

Please submit the last (3) months of merchant statements

Why are we requesting merchant statements?

Merchants statements will help us ensure you are on the right online giving plan. Accounts with a large donor base or high monthly processing volume may be eligible for lower processing fees.


How do I apply for an employer identification number (EIN)?

It’s easier than you might think to apply for an EIN. The IRS offers an online walk-through to apply for a new EIN. The process is quick and can generate your EIN in a matter of minutes.


To apply for an EIN click here.


How do I search for my organizations EIN?

We recommend using GuideStar to search for your organizations EIN.


Will an account be reviewed if the application is completed but documents are not uploaded?

Yes, however, providing documentation may help avoid delays for approval.


What about accounts that have uploaded documents, but have not completed the pre-application?

No, the pre-application needs to be completed before the underwriter can review the account, even if the documentation has been submitted.



It's been a week and I submitted my application but I have not heard anything. What do I do?


Please reach out to your sales representative. There is a chance underwriting has reviewed your account but has perhaps flagged it with an issue. Please contact your sales representative or the enablement team and they will be able to give you the exact reason if your account was not approved and if you need to resubmit application.


Who do I contact with questions on the status of an account?

To check the status of your account, please contact your sales representative directly or email


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