Lesson 1: Why Recurring Giving

Before exploring why your church needs to implement recurring giving, let’s look at what it is:

Recurring giving is when people complete a one-time set up to schedule a gift that’s automatically deducted from their credit card or bank account on a repeated basis.

It isn’t a complicated or new concept, but it’s proven to increase overall giving. That’s why it’s surprising how many ministries put recurring giving on the backburner.

What makes recurring giving so impactful?

  • Recurring givers are 75% more likely to make additional one-time gifts versus occasional givers

  • The average recurring giver donates 42% more in a given year than someone who gives a handful of one-time gifts

  • 52% of Millennials (typically some of the least engaged givers in a congregation) are interested in a monthly giving option—there’s a reason automation’s exploding

What benefits do churches see throughout the year?

  • Smooths out seasonal dips in generosity

  • Increases overall giving

  • Creates consistent givers

  • Helps forecast for upcoming building funds and mission trips

Next steps

If you don’t already know, find out if your church offers recurring giving. If you offer it, identify how many people are using this option to give and evaluate your current plan to promote it.

Now that we know why recurring giving is one of the best solutions to increase overall generosity, it’s time to learn How Recurring Giving Works.


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