MinistryOne Calendar Module

Use the Calendar module in the MinistryOne mobile app to promote your events and quickly link to registrations or sign-ups!

In your MinistryOne manager's portal, enable the Calendar module, by selecting the toggle button.

From there, select Calendar in the left navigation pane to make your Calendar selections.

The MinistryOne mobile app syncs directly to a number of ChMS platforms for the very best user experience and maximum capability. If your church or organization uses any of the following ChMS tools, you'll be able to connect to your ChMS Calendar and select the feed from your integration.

For these ChMS-integrated events, you can also select an existing event Form to link to for fast and easy registration. You'll do this in the ChMS (not here in MinistryOne.). If using an event Form for your Calendar event, the same header image will carry over to the MinistryOne Calendar module.



Don't see your ChMS listed above? Have no fear! We've got you covered 😉


Use the iCal embed link to connect. Display your event title, description, date, start times, and other information you'd like to share. Finding the correct iCal formatted sharing link for your calendar will vary, but a quick online search should help! The key is that the link address ends in ".ics" .


If we've all learned a thing or two about events lately, its that anything can change... even at a moment's notice! Should you need to edit event information, remember to do so at the source, meaning the original Calendar, not the Calendar module within MinistryOne.


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