3 Ways to Ask for Money that Aren't Annoying 💵

How "Thank You" & transparency can increase generosity.


We get it.. its not comfortable asking for money from your donors or congregation every single week. Sometimes, it starts to feel monotonous and in-genuine. In some churches, it may even feel taboo.


Here are three simple ways to talk about giving and generosity that are genuine and inspiring.


Make them want to be apart of what your ministry is doing! 🤲🏼

When we hear a conversation about something exciting that has happened to a friend or a group of friends, we often think, "Man, I wish I would have been there!" I believe the kids call this "FOMO" (fear of missing out).


Your ministry is likely already doing some very amazing things for your surrounding community, or perhaps right within your building! Find an exciting visual way to share those projects or events, while THANKING your givers for their involvement! There is a very good chance that those who had not previously given (of their finances or time) will likely be thinking "Man, I wish I would have been a part of that!" providing you a comfortable transition to remind your givers how they can get involved.



Clearly and consistently communicate your "Why"! 📢

Churches and ministries often see a significant giving "spike" during one or two months out of the year. These spikes often coincide with holidays or major campaigns.


Instead of waiting for Easter or Christmas, consider the fact that your ministry is always operating with a much larger "campaign" in mind. Take some time to define your overall purpose or "why" as a ministry. Why are we here? Why do we meet? Who in your local or global community is impacted by your ministry? What communities would suffer if you were forced to close your doors? What has God called you to do on a regular basis as a church or ministry?


Once that general "why" is clearly defined, create a mission statement to help remind your givers that their gifts have a tangible impact on your daily mission. Although those seasonal increases are always welcome... it is important to remember (and remind your givers) that consistent giving is a vital lifeline for your ministry's impact of your larger community. That will be a wonderful transition to remind them that the best way to foster consistent giving is by offering recurring or scheduled giving.



Lead with Financial Transparency 💸

As much as possible, empower your members to take on real financial responsibility at your church or ministry. Communicate specific needs and their price tags. Some churches even give public access to their monthly expense reports so that congregants know how to fill the gaps.


Generally, non-profit organizations have little trouble with transparency. Whole campaigns are created around needing new playground equipment or funding a new clinic. They set goals and bring their givers along for the journey. When that goal is met, givers have the satisfaction of knowing they contributed to a very tangible need.


Churches should be able to communicate with the same level of specificity... whether its a need to keep the lights on in the sanctuary or paying the worship pastor or even funding the new children's church, people are more likely to give and give more consistently when they know how their gift will make impact their "church home".



At the end of the day, generosity changes lives. So, don't shy away from:

  1. Telling stories of how those lives were changed!

  2. Consistently communicating "why" your ministry changes lives!

  3. Transparency with specific financial needs to continue to change lives.





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