Reporting for Kiosks

How to view your Kiosk transactions and deposit batches.


Hooray! Folks are using your Kiosk for giving, event registrations and more!

Using our robust Reporting options, you can isolate your Kiosk transactions to get a better idea of who is using the Kiosk and the volume of giving processing through that solution.

Let's take a look at how you can view your Kiosk Transactions:

1. Head to Reports on the Left-Navigation menu, and select Transactions (Donations).


2. Once in the Transactions or Donations page, use the Filter tool to isolate transactions that were made through the kiosk only by selecting Kiosk from the Payment Method Filter option:


3. You can also adjust other filters like Fund, and Date Range to narrow down your report even further. Additionally, you can add columns, like Payment Method, for example, to your report view by clicking on the Column Sorter. Note: you'll see a Total for the transactions selected at the bottom left corner of the page.


Once you have your report filtered and sorted to your satisfaction, you can Print, Export or Save that report.


Now, let's take a look at where to find your Batch Deposits for Kiosk transactions.

1. Click on Reports in the left-navigation menu, then select Deposits from the sub-menu.


2. For your convenience, Kiosk transactions are batched separately from your other transactions. Select your Kiosk Account from the account dropdown menu, then click Search:


From here, you can View, Download, Save or Print details from individual batches or opt to Save or Print details from all specified batches (top of report). Note: When you Save or Print details, relevant batches will be sorted by Fund.


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