Enabling and Offering Apple Pay for Giving and Payment Forms

Why Enable Apple Pay?

  • Ease of Use: Apple Pay has over 500 million users and is known for its simplicity and ease of use.
  • Security: Apple Pay offers advanced security features, ensuring safe and secure transactions.
  • No Additional Cost: Enabling Apple Pay comes at no extra cost to you!

How to Enable Apple Pay:

Follow these instructions to enable Apple Pay on your Giving Manager account. Enabling Apple Pay will add the Apply Pay option to all your Giving and Payment forms. You can disable Apple Pay on a per-form basis if you'd like. See instructions below.

1. Agree to updated Terms of Service: We’ve updated our Terms & Conditions to meet Apple Inc. requirements. Simply check the box to agree or select the links in the dialog box to review the updates before agreeing. 



2. Update Default Payment Types in Settings: Navigate to the Settings Gear Wheel at the top right corner of your Giving Manager Portal and select Settings from the tile menu. Under the Default Payment Method section, check the box for Apple Pay. This will automatically enable Apple Pay on all your forms.




3. Add Apple Pay to your Giving and Payment Forms: We’ve allowed you full control on which forms you’d like to add Apple Pay to. You can disable Apple Pay as a payment method on a per-form level by navigating to Forms from the Left Navigation Menu, then selecting which form you’d like to customize payment methods for from your list. 

Once inside the form, select Form Properties from the menu at the bottom of your screen. 

The screenshot below shows our Express Giving form, but the steps are the same for all Giving and Payment forms.  


From the Payment tab in Form Properties, scroll down to Accepted Payment Types, and check the box for Apple Pay.



4. Save & Publish: Be sure to Save and Publish your changes to update live forms linked on your website, in your Mobile app, text giving and more. 



Apple Pay Donor Experience

Donating through Apple Pay is simple for your Donors. They’ll simply enter a donation amount, select a Fund, then choose Apple Pay from the Payment Options. Keep in mind that Apple Pay is only available to donors who access the Giving Form from an Apple Device.



After entering their Name and Email address, they’ll click the Continue with Apple Pay button, and finish their transaction from the Apple Pay wallet window. If they do not already have a card on file, they’ll have to option to add one there. 




Apple Pay Reporting

Apple Pay transactions will appear the same way all other transactions appear in the Transaction Report. Apple Pay will be indicated in the Payment Source column. They can also be refunded in the same way that all other transactions are. 



Important Notes

  • Please note that Apple Pay cannot be enabled if our updated Terms of Service are not agreed to.
  • Apple Pay is designed to be used on Apple Devices only, therefore it will not appear on any non-Apple mobile devices, or any desktop computer browser besides Safari. 
  • At this time, Recurring Giving, Pledges, or Partial Payments cannot be scheduled or processed using Apple Pay. If a Donor has selected to create a Recurring Gift, Apple Pay will automatically be removed as a payment option in the billing section.
  • Apple requires that all URLs using Apple Pay are registered with Apple. Ministry Brands has registered all Direct Form link URLs. If your Giving Form is embedded on your church website Apple Pay will NOT appear on that version.


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