Form Keywords for Text

Use Keywords to guide your congregation or supporters to a Form


Text giving is a great way to engage givers and increase generosity for your church or organization! The power of text is now better than ever! Think beyond giving and imagine text as a way to stay connected with your congregation and donors!

From the Text Management card in your primary account settings (click the gear symbol in the top right corner of your manager portal), create a unique Keyword to send a text message linking to a specific Form, like an event registration or contact forms.

In the example below, a Contact Form has been created for Prayer Requests.


In the primary account settings, a Form Keyword as been activated.


In the Form Keyword box, click the plus sign to create a new keyword. Select the appropriate Form from the dropdown menu, and enter a Keyword.

Note: A Form Keyword must be unique. The same word must not be an existing Fund Keyword for text giving.



From here, you may use the Form Keyword to promo an event or provide a text option to stay connected. In the example of the Prayer Request form above, you may tell your congregation:

"Text the keyword PRAY to receive a link to our prayer request submission form."



As you can see above, text responders will receive a direct link to your synced Form.


Form Responses may be managed from your Form Manager.





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