Understanding Two-Factor Authentication

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a security feature that requires not only an email and password combination to log into a secure portal, but also (usually) a numerical code. The code is sent via email to the administrator attempting to log in as a secondary way to verify their authenticity. 


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Why is Two-Factor Authentication Important?

Software platforms that host contact information, financial records, and more can sometimes be targeted by cyber attackers. Two-factor authentication or 2FA is a way to double-check that the person logging into the secure platform really is who they say they are. 


FAQ & Troubleshooting

Q. What if I cannot access the inbox where the Verification Code email was sent?

A. It is imperative that each Manager in your Giving Manager Portal has unique login credentials with access to the inbox associated with the login email.

If you cannot access the inbox currently associated with the account, contact the manager who does have access to the inbox and have them login. Once they are logged in, they can create a new Manager account for you with an email address you have inbox access to. 

If the Manager who had access to the inbox is no longer with the organization, or permanently unreachable, please contact Support using the chat below for next steps.


Q. Why didn't I get a code sent to my inbox. 

A. There is a chance the Verification Code email was sent to a Spam or Junk folder. Be sure to check those folders.

Another reason may be that the Verification Code email is delayed for some reason. Wait a few minutes, and if the email still hasn't appeared, go back to the login screen and click "Resend my Code". 

If you still haven't received a code after two attempts, reach out to our Support team using the chat option below. 




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