Form Fields: Using Payment Types in Field Sets

Did you know you could insert a payment field into a field set? Now you do! For example, if you have a spaghetti dinner coming up and you would like people to register their entire family, have each person be able to choose between soup or salad, and pay for it all at once, try this! 


Follow these steps or watch the video to learn how you can do this too! 


  • Add a Person Field Set. Once this has been added, click on the settings gear by the x then click on the Payment Info tab to set the fund this event needs to be categorized under. For this event, we'll have it be categorized under Missions. 

Person Field.png


Set your desired amount per person in the Default Amount Per Person. That amount will automatically duplicate when the registrant Clicks to Add Another person.

Now, let's say you'd like to give your individual attendees the option to add a $5 Dessert. Utilizing the right Payment Field and placing it inside the Person Field set, you can add additional unique costs per registrant. Here's how:


For our example, we chose to use the Item Radio Buttons Payment Field. You'll need to drag and drop that field within the Person Field set so that each person attending can choose uniquely.

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 4.32.28 PM.png


Once that modal appears, you'll name It, and select the fund in which that extra charge should go. Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 4.32.44 PM.png

Next, you'll add the line item options by clicking the Line Items tab. We only had two options for our example, but you can list as many options as you'd like with individual prices per selection.

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 4.33.05 PM.png

Once you've added the items and prices you need, here is how the form will appear:

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 2.43.16 PM.png

You'll notice that if "Yum! Yes, please." is selected, the total for that attendee is now $17. Easy as that!


Once all the fields/information you need to gather has been added, click on the Save Changes button in the bottom right corner of your screen and then Publish (the Publish button does not make it live on your website/anywhere. It simply makes the form live to use). 

You'll then have a pop-up that'll give you the various ways you can share your form! You'll have the option for a QR CodeEmbed Code, or a Public Share Link.


Happy form building!





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