Generate & Email Contribution Statements

Generating givers' contribution statements is quick and easy!  Simply follow the steps below.

From your Manager Dashboard, select Donors from the left side navigation pane.


From the Donors page, you'll find options to view All Donors, initiate a Donor Merge, generate Contribution Statements, and draft your Contribution Email.




Select Contribution Statements and make the necessary selections for the Details section: Start Date and End Date, Transaction Type, and if you'd like to Email the generated statements directly from the generated report.


Note:  If you would like to email contribution statements to donors, STOP and see the Contribution Email tab.  Draft the email you'd like to accompany the contribution statement and save.  (See below for further instructions regarding customizing your email.)

Next, See the Donors section, and Select All or search and select specific donors, as needed.


Click Generate Statement to see the selected donor reports.  

Note:  If you have checked the "Email statements to donors" box, all selected donors' contributions statements will be emailed automatically.  Your saved Contribution Email will accompany each statement.  If you have not drafted a Contribution Email, the statement alone will be emailed to your donor(s).


If you prefer not to email donors' statements, simply do not check the Email statement to donors box, and an Export option will appear after you click Generate Statement.






Customize Contribution Email

From the Contribution Email tab, you may draft an email to accompany donors' contribution statements, if you choose to email statements.  

Select the send From email address, add a BCC email address, and add a customized Subject and Message. Be sure to enter the From email exactly as shown in the help text. (FirstName LastName <>)


Note: The attached email, although customized, will be the same or all statements.

Click Save, then return to your selections on the Contribution Statements tab. 

Here is how the customized Email and Contribution Statement will appear to donors: 

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 1.07.39 PM.png

Please note the legal disclaimer to at the bottom of the email. Please consult a tax professional for any questions. We recommend using a Church Management System, (ChMS) to produce more complete Contribution Statements (including cash donations and goods). Most ChMS also have the ability to create acceptable donation statements.


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