Online Giving Customization Overview

How to personalize your giving platform


Did you know that givers are 7x more likely to give to a branded giving page vs. an unbranded one? Customize your giving portal to match your organization’s brand! 


  1. First, configure your online giving portal.

  2. Then, explore the endless customization options!

⭐️ Set Up Online Giving Portal

Take a few minutes to configure your primary online giving portal. This is essential for functionality! 



Explore Enhanced Online Giving Customization

Your giving portal can be customized in limitless ways! Dive into Online Giving through Forms to access enhanced customization options! 


  • Add images, colors, and fonts

  • Select which fund designations to display

  • Activate multi-fund giving 

  • Enable convenience fee (option for givers to help cover fees)

  • Control contact information requirements

  • Regulate acceptable payment methods (ex. Limit to ACH)

  • Customize confirmation emails

  • Set up new submission notifications for your staff 

  • Add giver login link

  • And much more! 

Have questions? Send us a message in the chat feature below. We're here to help! 😄 



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