We're Here to Help!

Our Support and Success Teams are here for you!


First thing's first - you are not alone! 😊

Whether you've just joined, need assistance training a new staff member, or are looking for help, coaching, or fresh ideas - you've come to the right place!

Our Success and Support Teams are made up of incredibly smart and passionate individuals, most of which have personal experience in non-profit ministry, church, or both! It is our desire that you, not only feel confident in utilizing the platform, but also passionate about how it can impact your bigger mission.


We have two teams serving you in two different capacities. To ensure that you're reaching out to the best team for your individual needs, let's discuss which team does what.


Giving Success 🏆

Think of the Success Team like a Superbowl-winning coach meets world-renowned tour guide. This team of super users knows the giving platform inside and out and just so happens to be experts in church operations, non-profit organizations, communication strategies, donor engagement, and generosity growth!

The Success Team provides complimentary training and coaching from the moment you join the platform. They provide a smooth Onboarding experience to help you get started then one-on-one coaching sessions for all the features included in your Giving Platform, including live weekly webinars on some of our most loved resources - like Forms and the MinistryOne mobile app.

How do you reach them? Glad you asked!

1. Connect with a coach for an individualized session at a time that's most convenient for you. Did we mention there is no limit to the number of sessions you can schedule and they are always free?! Try it here!


2. Check out the Training Tab on the left navigation pane of your giving platform. Full of resources and helpful tools!


Giving Support 🧯

If the Success Team Coaches are your guides, think of our Support Team Members as your first responders - dare we say, ninjas? - to serve your immediate needs. The team comes to the rescue quickly, resolves problems, and provides world-class care, concern, and empathy. Our goal is to treat every call or chat the way we would want our Mom to be treated. Hi, Mom 👋


Super efficient and reliable, the Support Team is available for assistance in answering questions about reporting, invoicing, or taking a closer look if something doesn't look or feel quite right. Our priority is to respond to inquiries quickly (less than 3 minutes during business hours!) and always go above and beyond to serve our clients!

Needing some technical support? There are several ways to get help.

1. Love to chat? So do we! Try the live chat option in the lower corner of your giving platform.


Psssst... its also on this page too! Look down!

2. Rather speak on the phone? Before logging into your manager's portal, be sure to locate your support phone number in the lower right corner of the screen. Note: the number shown in the image below is NOT the number you should call.

Depending on your product, the number will vary slightly. Please see your login screen for the correct Support phone number.



3. Depending on your account settings, you may have the option to submit support tickets right from within your account. Check out the question mark icon in the top right corner of your manager's platform.

  • Help Center - Leads you here - help.ministrybrands.com

    • Search any keyword for guides to all of the features and functionalities within the giving platform.

  • Support - Options to create or monitor a support case.


We're so glad you've trusted us with this very important part of your ministry organization. It's our honor to serve you!