Every church is on a transformational journey -- taking people who attend church and growing them to be people who are The Church -- this is the journey of discipleship. 

Just like any journey, the first step is picking the right tools and resources. The Church’s mission can be accomplished regardless of the tools you have, but having the right tools helps. 

Many tools currently available and used by churches aren’t really built for churches. They are built to accommodate the bare minimum of the church’s needs, but they aren’t built around The Church’s needs. 

That’s the biggest difference you’ll find with us. It's built around your church, not just accommodating for it. We don’t see The Church as a niche market to which we sell, we see the church as the hope of the world.

This filters into every aspect of our business; how we price the product, what features we build, how we build those features, how we provide support, and the culture we create. 

We can build comparison charts to show how these features make a difference, but features change all the time. The most important difference with us is the heart that impacts everything we do. Digital giving isn't an add-on for us, it's all we do and we are constantly innovating on it.

3 things we do really well:

  1. Provide a seamless giving experience for all digital givers. Whether givers come through text, online, in-app, social media, etc., they will all have the same giving experience, breeding familiarity, security, and ultimately more generosity.
  2. When you choose us, you're not just getting the giving software, you're getting a team dedicated to helping you engage givers and increase generosity. Our success team provides you with customized materials to launch and communicate digital giving. Since each church is unique, the success team is available to help you come up with a customized plan for transitioning givers, fueling your specific vision, and encouraging givers to take their next step.
  3. Our amazing and responsive Support team. Check out what other churches are saying about them.  Our support team is available via live chat, scheduled phone calls, or email. Their average response time is less than 3 minutes- we are here to help you! 
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