When collecting gifts or donations, there are instances when setting a specific financial goal is helpful and, occasionally, necessary. You can not only set a fund goal, but also have a few options for what happens to the fund once the goal is met.

Navigate to Fund Management under the Settings Gear ⚙️ Menu.

If creating a brand new fund, click +Add Fund at the top of the page.

A box will appear to add the details of your fund. (For more details about overall fund creation, see here.)

If adding a Fund Goal to an existing fund, click the three-dot ellipsis to the far right of any fund.

Jump down to the Fund Goal section of the Add Fund box:

In the field for Fund Goal, enter your desired maximum dollar amount. You'll then need to decide what happens to that fund once the goal is met:

  • Allow the fund to remain active and goal to be exceeded: after the goal is met, gifts can continue to be given to that fund.

  • Deactivate the fund but allow recurring payments to continue: after the goal is met, all existing recurring gifts designated to that fund will continue to process as scheduled; however, the fund will be deactivated. No new gifts (recurring or one-time) can be designated to that fund.

  • Deactivate the fund and end all recurring payments: after the goal is met, any existing recurring gifts will no longer process, nor can new gifts be designated to this fund.

⚠️ Due to the nature of digital giving here are a few things to consider even if you've opted to deactivate the fund upon meeting your goal:

  1. If a giver makes $100 donation, yet only $50 remains till the goal is met, the fund goal will be exceeded, and the fund will be deactivated after that transaction. Your organization may choose to handle those instances in a way that is best for your ministry.

  2. If you have opted to deactivate the fund and end recurring payments, keep in mind that scheduled gifts process at the same exact time on scheduled days. Several recurring gifts processing on the same day at the exact same time will cause a fund goal to be exceeded, however, the fund will be deactivated immediately after those gifts are processed.

Once your Fund settings details are complete, you'll click Save. When looking at your list of Funds, a color coded progress bar will show for funds with a goal set.

  • 0 - 1/3 to goal is Red

  • 1/2 - 2/3 to goal is Orange

  • 2/3 - beyond to goal is Green

Making your Goal and Progress Visible in Forms

If you'd like to make your fund goal and progress visible to your givers/donors, you'll need to select that option from within the Form Builder.

  1. Navigate to Forms on the left navigation menu in your Manager Portal.

  2. Select the form you wish to display the goal and progress bar on.

  3. On your Payment Field, you'll need to first select the appropriate fund, then check the box to "Display fund goal on form".

Note: If there are multiple funds with goals in a Dropdown Payment field, you'll be able to select which goals you'd like to display specifically from the Fund tab. Learn more about Adding a Fund Goal Progress Bar.

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