It happens every year. The school year comes to a close in late spring and the summer vacations begin. And, more often than not, church attendance and giving seem to go on vacation, too! A dramatic decline in tithes and offerings can significantly impact your church's ability to meet the needs of your congregation and community.

We can help your church or ministry avoid taking a hit with a completely free communication campaign!

One of the best ways to overcome any financial hurdle is to lead with transparency. Helping your congregation understand the yearly budget, can also help them realize the vital role they play in your ministry and mission.

Here's where we come in! Let our team send an e-blast on your behalf.

What's included? Thought you'd never ask 😄

  • Summer Giving Campaign e-blast

  • Complimentary one-time send to a distribution list of your choice

  • No maximum number of recipients

  • Post-email analytics, such as delivered, declined, and open-rates

We'd love to tell you more and send a preview of the Summer Giving Campaign materials that other churches and leaders have found to be helpful and received well by their congregations. We also understand that your church may use slightly different language, so you're welcome to make minor edits that may be more fitting.

Schedule a call with our amazing Success Coaches to learn more.

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