🚨 Important Kiosk App Update🚨

As of May 31, 2021 the giving kiosk software Moki Mobile Device Management will be switching to AppCenter.ms.

Both services are distribution platforms utilized to push app updates to our giving kiosks. In order to keep your organization's fees as low as possible, we've decided to transition platforms to better serve you moving forward. AppCenter.ms will also allow our team to provide software updates more accurately and timely without major impact, disruption, or downtime. Finally, we'll be better able to serve you when we launch our new kiosk and card reader solutions scheduled for Fall 2021.

All good things! 🎉

Here's how to make the app change on your kiosk device:

Step One
Remove Moki Profile (Do NOT delete Church Kiosk icon)

iPad settings > General > Profile (Device Management) > Giving Kiosk > Remove Management

Step Two
Check the iOS version of your iPad, then click the appropriate link before for install instructions:

iOS 11+

iOS 9.3.5 – 10.3.5

Click Install > “appcenter.ms” would like to Install “Kiosk” > Install

After download, click on the Home button to return to the Home Screen.

Go to iPad Settings > General > Device Management > SiteOrganic, LLC > Trust “SiteOrganic, LLC” > Trust

Click the Home button again to return to the Home Screen.

Go to the “Church Kiosk” icon > Edit Kiosk Settings > Enter your Kiosk Profile ID information**

Save Settings > Launch Kiosk

That's it! Your kiosk is ready to go 😄

**If you are unsure of your Kiosk Profile ID, log into the manager portal of your giving platform. In the top right corner, select the configure wheel (⚙️) and select the Kiosk Settings card

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